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“The true value of real estate is dictated by perception and substantiated by market actions.

Knowledge is the essence of persuasion from which perception is conceived and value born.”

HVC, Inc.

Property Feasibility Report:Potentially the most dominant marketing instrument utilized in the decision making process. This report must be comprehensively articulated and contain all of the information necessary for the purpose of determining asset value and corresponding risk factors.

Audited Financial Statements:Investors are entitled to the reassurance provided by an independent audit of the historical income statements by a CPA specializing in the hospitality industry; the accountant’s primary responsibility is to comply with strict, professional indepen­dent standards to insure confidence in the financial representation. Credible financial statements are the cornerstone of income producing real estate transactions.

Asset Management: An extremely important component of property management. Owners, lenders and management companies that do not practice uncompromising independent/objective asset management within their own companies or employ a competent outside firm to do so are derelict in achieving maximum property value.

Consider this:

What incentive does a managing agent have to reposition a property for owner divestiture?

We provide knowledge, direction, a well-connected reputation in the Hospitality Investment Community and a results oriented compensation structure.

HVC is governed by three basic tenets: integrity, service, and commitment¾a spirit of dedication that transcends the traditional accounting firm. The most efficient method of testing a consulting company’s integrity and ability to serve you in the future is to review and verify that company’s professional experience and client’s assessment of their performance; we have enclosed a list of ours for your convenience. We understand that...

...Client satisfaction and enduring relationships

are our most valuable asset.